Verve [noun]

Definition of Verve:

energy, enthusiasm

Synonyms of Verve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verve:

Sentence/Example of Verve:

The vigour and verve of these marching musicians is very surprising.

His execution (p. 063) had a verve whose charm was irresistible.

He felt anew what he had felt and seen, and he could not give any verve to the peroration of his sermon.

She is just about your size and dances with the verve of youth, which I admire extremely.

There was a verve, a magnetic quality to her, that he hardly remembered before.

But they lack the life, the verve of the old dances, the old tunes.

The toast was drunk with indescribable enthusiasm and verve.

Her brightness, and verve, and savoir faire will be a perfect revelation.

There is a verve, a gayety about them that other songs lack.

But his French has a verve that no literal translation will give.