Toughness [noun]

Definition of Toughness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Toughness:

Sentence/Example of Toughness:

And all the more so, since for strength and toughness its eyes by nature are the best constructed.

The toughness of aluminum can be increased by adding a small per cent.

The food, notwithstanding its toughness, rapidly disappeared.

This is only a sample of its toughness and resisting power all along the line.

The strength and toughness of elm make it suitable for frames of tables.

In strength, toughness, and stiffness it is inferior to the poorest of the other hickories.

Cornus is from the Greek for "horn," in allusion to the toughness of the wood.

It has the same advantage that, by reason of its toughness, it goes such a long way.

All have wood noted for its elasticity, toughness and strength.

His skin must have been as remarkable for toughness as his muscles for strength.