Doggedness [noun]

Definition of Doggedness:


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Sentence/Example of Doggedness:

The youth nearly fell off the bicycle, but British doggedness saved him from disaster.

He saw the fisherman, in ugly doggedness, towering over the small figure of the squatter-girl.

In no previous war have the British given more striking proof of their inherent quality of doggedness.

The despairing doggedness in his tone made her go on her knees on the rug before the fire, very near to him.

Giles Hoggett was almost unable to work from rheumatism, but still was of opinion that doggedness might carry him on.

He and his comrades of the East Surreys held a trench of Hill 60 with wonderful doggedness.

It was his splendid example of courage, devotion, and doggedness that inspired his men to hold out to the end.

Only sheer doggedness would not let them admit the latter truth.

His voice trembled, and yet there was a certain doggedness in it.

He endured everything with white-lipped, silent doggedness, and still held on his way.