Resoluteness [noun]

Definition of Resoluteness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resoluteness:

Sentence/Example of Resoluteness:

Her heart was overflowing with gratitude, pride, devotion, resoluteness.

She led him dancing away, to prove his resoluteness and laugh at him.

I can also do more mental work, and with better persistence and resoluteness.

At intervals her wonted courage and resoluteness resumed the ascendancy.

His farewell look she felt to be steeled against her in its resoluteness, though weak in its long dwelling.

She was looking full at him now with all the Barrett resoluteness shining in her eyes.

Each day the brown men worked in the mines, piling gems into the vaults with a resoluteness that never faltered.

They are the elements that give flash to the eye, spring to the step, resoluteness to the languid and certainty to effort.

But the resoluteness of General Grant's administration soon suppressed them.

There was a nasty look on his face, the look which in his character corresponded to Richard's resoluteness.