Persistence [noun]

Definition of Persistence:


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Sentence/Example of Persistence:

In this persistence he displayed courage worthy of a better reward.

Presently, however, the sincerity and persistence of the girl won him over.

This persistence in a phylloxera-ravaged district is quite touching.

Ingres' persistence looked like folly, even madness in his eyes.

Mr. Gordon believed that to shrewdness and persistence all things are possible.

"If your Highness will excuse my persistence," began Mr. Taylor blandly.

Baffled by the persistence of that refusal, Cesare all but returned a bachelor to Italy.

The persistence of this spirit has been the curse of the Allies ever since.

But now, this patience, this persistence, was indeed a precious thing.

The hope I cling to is that she will see in my persistence a proof of sincerity.