Pep [noun]

Definition of Pep:

vim, vigor

Synonyms of Pep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pep:

Sentence/Example of Pep:

Has this high-brow curtain-raiser of yours got any "pep" in it?

But it is for pep very good, Mr. Vandeford, sir, and can be tried out.

This book is the same size as PEP but has thirty-two pages more.

Follow the diet, exercise and thought rules suggested in "Pep."

And while she was at our house she seemed full of life and pep.

"We're goin' dress up a Sandy Claus, you know," Pep added, sotto voce.

Men that have gotten back their pep, their ambitions, their unselfishness.

He lacked "pep," I could see that, and as soon as the food was ready I called him.

The Brûlé Rapids we liked because they had some pep to them.

Pep'mints are good for the stummick-ache, an' I always carry a few in my pocket.