Lifelessness [noun]

Definition of Lifelessness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Lifelessness:

Sentence/Example of Lifelessness:

But there is a general lifelessness and lack of movement for which these purple passages barely atone.

There was a sense of desolation, a lifelessness about the place that smote his senses with a strange fear.

The impassive face, horrible in the lifelessness of rock, stared unseeingly down on its worshippers.

I walked by your house yesterday; the windows were closed—there was a strange air of lifelessness and dejection about it.

The silk of the curls on the forehead had a dankness and lifelessness which almost made her catch her breath again.

His routine might be due, not to a lifelessness, but to a rush of life.

Little do town-dwellers know how the semi-starved masses of Indians are slowly sinking to lifelessness.

Utter silence and utter lifelessness engulf the Globe; the frozen and adamantine bars of oblivion fall.

A night of uneasiness, of unseen forces chained and stifled, of impending doubt and oppressive lifelessness.

He did not precisely criticise these details, but they helped in the impression of lifelessness and gloom that hung about her.