Staleness [noun]

Definition of Staleness:

quality of being boring

Synonyms of Staleness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Staleness:

Sentence/Example of Staleness:

The oddest mixture of staleness and of freshness is to be found there.

Kwel smell of staleness, of sourness, above all of coldness!

The post-office was thick with staleness that held its own, though chilled.

He, too, who had admonished her rather sneeringly for staleness in her information.

Was Government admitting there was nothing but staleness in the present?

A demonstration of the staleness of our bread and the absence of potatoes in the soup.

Soon afterwards it was obvious that the cause of the whole thing was staleness.

Now here are the common symptoms and the results of staleness.

We have seen the advice given to play through a period of staleness.

But Watson cared not for its staleness if it might promote the game.