Drabness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drabness:

Leeks and fresh dill take cozy split pea soup from drab to fabWhile fresh dill is essential to this recipe, the rest is open to interpretation.

This no-frills set comes in a range of jovial colors that can lift even the drabbest patios, and is rust-resistant, ensuring it will last against the elements.

After what felt like an eon, I lifted my head to find that the once drab badlands were suddenly awash in color.

I want to sit on its benches again in spite of their treacherous bleakness, in spite of the drabness.

The loneliness and drabness of working away from people are fatal to his best effort.

Only we, slaves of respectability and of an inordinate appetite for order, suffered such monotony and drabness to rule.

Little ridges of tiny blue flames, to speed up the drying of the ink, made blobs of color in the drabness.

There were, it is true, a few redeeming features gilding the prevailing drabness of the scene.

But perhaps its very drabness and remoteness from the world of the footlights proved a welcome relief.

Also, the normal state of Melancholy is such that even a case of Katzenjammer merely blends in with the surrounding Drabness.