Gloominess [noun]

Definition of Gloominess:

depression, sadness

Synonyms of Gloominess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gloominess:

Sentence/Example of Gloominess:

He perceived Ida after awhile, and acknowledged her presence by touching his hat, with no loss of gloominess.

Anne reproached me for my gloominess and went off early, hurt, I know, at my seeming indifference.

The vicissitudes of all seasons occurred in one, and, before my spring had closed, I had felt the winter's gloominess and cold.

Gonzalo guessed the purport of Don Rosendo's journey, and his gloominess increased.

She at once thought of kindling a fire as the only means she had of taking away some of the gloominess of the place.

But amidst all this gloominess and desolation, one star beamed with a constant and steady radiance, and that star was yourself.

Being of a nature more or less sensitive to atmospheric influences, I feel a corresponding gloominess.

His piquant conceits modified the gloominess, I might say the lugubriousness, of his countenance.

What strikes one in this city is a general aspect of gloominess.

You may say such ideas bring gloominess, pessimism into our lives.