Miserableness [noun]

Definition of Miserableness:

depression, sadness

Synonyms of Miserableness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Miserableness:

Sentence/Example of Miserableness:

It was I, was it not, that set before you the miserableness of the life you have been leading?

He was on the edge of felicity in his miserableness when his indefatigable women entered, all smiles.

This miserableness went on as much as six or seven minutes; but it seemed a sight longer than that.

And think of her miserableness if, after all these weeks of happy anticipation, your book should never be published.

Otherwise it wouldn't make any difference who I was, as one more misery don't matter when you're swamped in miserableness.

Pray break him of his miserableness; it is one of the chief exceptions I have against him.