Desperation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Desperation:

Even Mahomes’s improvisational theater came to suggest desperation more than imagination.

A campaign so simple, it might seem, could have only come out of desperation.

So then he started on a series of efforts, in desperation, to get the items in hand.

Plays on which win probability was below 20 percent were removed on the assumption that they were desperation calls.

At this point, the desperation to get out of the industry is an effort to protect their mental health, they said.

Maybe it’s desperation at facing down a long, harrowing winter, but I’m drawn to the sheer vitality of the Tepotztli pieces.

They made a desperation play and we had a penalty on top of that.

Out of desperation, Sheyontay Molton turned to Twitter for help after a series of events left her with no money to buy gifts for her four children.

It was a population for whom exploitation was also an opportunity, and desperation silenced complaints.

The desperation in the way she cast her eyes about, as though looking for escape.