Bummer [noun]

Definition of Bummer:

bad experience

Synonyms of Bummer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bummer:

Sentence/Example of Bummer:

“It’s a bummer because I’m missing out on Rihanna’s makeup that she sells exclusively to Sephora, but I refuse.”

Yet if a band on a board is a bummer, a Tide on offense is a thriller, more than capable of rocketing 79 yards in seven plays with a first possession, 97 yards in five watery plays with a second and 84 yards in six plays with a third.

Rey Mashayekhi, reporterSure, not being able to safely go to the gym is a bummer, but group yoga—particularly the hot, indoor kind—has been for some of us an even more profound loss.

The sudden stoppage of hardware sales was a real bummer for anyone who was already invested in the system and maybe wanted to monitor one more door or window in the future, or someone who was worried about a sensor breaking.

Keeping things like phones and iPads charged when camping is a hassle—and can be a bummer to police.

The genuine Bummer is more of a beggar than a thief, though he will steal if he has an opportunity.

One hates to refuse food to any human being who claims to have need of it, and the Bummer knows this.

Her stock joke of self-pity was the fact that she had married a Sherman Bummer who had helped to burn her native city.

From the two words we get the full meaning of the term Bummer.

Bummer, literally one who sits or idles about; a loafer; one who sponges upon his acquaintances.