Miracle [noun]

Definition of Miracle:

wonderful, surprising event or thing

Synonyms of Miracle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Miracle:

Sentence/Example of Miracle:

Grace and a miracle had made the startling fact palpable and evident.

A miracle in the sense of a contravention of natural laws an absurdity.

It were a sad world indeed if God's presence were only interference, that is, miracle.

Sidney, straining her ears, gathered that they had seen a miracle, and that the wonder was still on them.

The school, therefore, accepted the miracle, but refused the kiss.

Though I felt a subtle and wondrous change, I could not trace or track the miracle.

Until then she had been resigned, she felt so strong and confident as she awaited the miracle.

To Linda it was almost a miracle, the rapidity with which a house could be erected in California.

The tree lasts from day to day by miracle—it cannot last long.

We are informed that the solemnization of it was owing to a miracle.