Phenomenon [noun]

Definition of Phenomenon:

rare occurrence; wonder

Synonyms of Phenomenon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phenomenon:

Sentence/Example of Phenomenon:

The nature of the phenomenon was clear, but the laws which governed it were still a mystery.

San Francisco was a pleasure-resort as well as a city, and Salt Lake was a phenomenon.

Duncan observed this phenomenon with natural astonishment not unmixed with awe.

They re-entered the cottage, and sat some time conversing on the phenomenon they had seen.

There was here a phenomenon that no physiologist had yet studied.

I have nothing to say here about the phenomenon of dreaming: I state only the fact.

Sometimes he had found himself wondering at the phenomenon of her attraction for him.

These factors, taken together, make up the phenomenon of Thomas Bewick.

We have already pointed out this phenomenon in speaking of male eroticism.

This phenomenon may be limited to a certain woman, but it is more often general.