Curiosity [noun]

Definition of Curiosity:

intense desire to know, understand

Opposite/Antonyms of Curiosity:

Sentence/Example of Curiosity:

There’s been a lot of quarterback movement around the league — and a lot of curiosity specifically about what the change at QB will mean for New England and Tampa Bay — but those moves haven’t affected our predictions too much.

By showing genuine curiosity in the families’ experience, Martinez said, the team is often able to get them to open up.

If for no other reason than curiosity, investigate Bitcoin and digital assets and see what everyone is talking about.

Nevertheless, the Ising model survived as a mathematical curiosity.

Consider, for example, the dodecahedron, a favorite object in many mathematical cabinets of curiosities.

Says Hunter, “That’s what scientists really are — very curious people who keep that curiosity going in their jobs.”

Sam sat opposite him in perfect silence, waiting, with eager curiosity, for the termination of the scene.

She had never had this curiosity in relation to George Cannon--she had only wondered about his affairs with other women.

Miss Thangue sat forward with the frank curiosity of the Englishwoman when inspecting a foreign specimen.

Her directness had made all possible 'buts' seem ridiculous and futile, and had made the expression of curiosity seem offensive.