Insipidity [noun]

Definition of Insipidity:


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Sentence/Example of Insipidity:

Leucippe herself goes far to make amends for the general insipidity of the other characters.

Mrs. Tom was very golden-haired and blue-eyed and pink and white, but none was further removed from insipidity than she.

There could be nothing for him now till the insipidity of life should gradually fade away into the grave.

The insipidity which affronted Boz has no effect in stopping the demand for "the fireside plate."

Grace soon passed into insipidity, and the dramatic energy of Michael Angelo into exaggerated violence.

Its commonest form is the protective coloration of a neutral respectability, an insipidity of character.

The first, that in the year 1759 the Italian painters were, in our author's opinion, sunk in the very bathos of insipidity.

It is this insipidity of society that forces so many of its members upon desperate adventures of gallantry, and upon deep play.

The insipidity of many of the antique Statues may be traced to the false assumption of identity in the corresponding parts.

Lennox liked that, and found the muffin-worries quite endurable with this sauce piquante to relieve their insipidity.