Zeal [noun]

Definition of Zeal:


Opposite/Antonyms of Zeal:

Sentence/Example of Zeal:

However, we have told her to moderate her zeal for our insulted authority.

Methinks this is an excess of zeal for a friend who was so late an enemy!

It was my zeal for the king of Spain that brought me into that peril.

We had seven of them, when my mother interfered and put a stop to my zeal.

I will not deny that it is a pleasure to me to find you so full of zeal.

We might chance to get some reward in money or in land for our zeal.

I threw myself back in my deep armchair, and laughed at her zeal.

On nearly all the tablets the words "zeal" or "zealous" regularly appeared.

But the anger was just, and the zeal for mental honesty has had its reward.

They sought for the slayer of their friend with diligence and zeal.