Urgency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Urgency:

Gratitude was undoubtedly a principal occasion of this urgency.

She clasped her hands, suddenly carrying her urgency to plaintive entreaty.

And then, in view of the delay in the answer, He insisted on perseverance and urgency.

They have lost sight of everything but the urgency of the cause.

"Oh, no, we must go—we must go," she said with a hint of wildness in her urgency.

But do not send an urgent message unless the urgency is positive.

The death of the Deemster had hastened things—that was the meaning of the urgency.

You are saved from going home in disgrace by the urgency of the circumstances, as I have told you.

The urgency of her tone was such that it held me there and compelled my answer.

And then in the urgency sweeping aside all minor considerations, "Were you also too late?"