Exigency [noun]

Definition of Exigency:


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Sentence/Example of Exigency:

These matters of political exigency were undoubtedly beyond the comprehension of the Ylongos.

She must have been conscious of depths of capacity, to which, whatever the exigency, appeal was never made in vain.

The exigency nerved me for the task, and I found a courage sufficient to carry me through.

The fiction that they do exist disappears at once in the clear atmosphere of "exigency."

But on this day, and in this extreme momentous exigency, no reliance is reposed on our constitutional counsels!

Plans are adopted to meet the present exigency, and new ones are at any time engrafted.

No exigency could arise which could not be settled by an appeal to the calm judgment and love of fair play which would prevail.

I do not believe Basil Stanhope, having assumed the dress of a servant of God, would put it off one hour for any social exigency.

There is no exigency which should be allowed to overawe Congress in the performance of its constitutional duties.

Like all irresolute natures, in a time of exigency he took the worst course to give himself a moment's respite.