Duress [noun]

Definition of Duress:

threat, hardship

Synonyms of Duress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duress:

Sentence/Example of Duress:

If you quit under duress, that’s one thing, but it sounds like you worked together and you repeatedly said no.

With the health-care system under increasing duress and deaths surging, some say it was too little too late.

While the courts admit wills made under certain kinds of duress, they also recognize more whimsical estate planning if the wording is unambiguous.

It also is, though not technically about restaurants, the film that most holistically captures what a restaurant can be, and why they’re so vitally important, particularly in times of duress and to communities under threat.

Charles the Ninth and Catharine had consented to publish a declaration denying Cond's allegation that they were held in duress.

She was brought to me, and put in duress under charge of the division surgeon until her companion could be secured.

Often they treated agreements entered into with the Order as contracts signed under duress.

So Sir Percival performed that adventure of setting free the duress of the castle of Beaurepaire.

No one who has any regard for freedom of elections can look upon these governments, forced upon them in duress, with any favor.

Mr. Connolly is still in duress, and I am afraid he cannot get the required bail.