Liberation [noun]

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For example, José María Morelos, leader of the independence movement, emerged as a symbol of liberation in 1810.

Researchers are at the beginning of what is expected to be a long effort, Jones wrote, including attempts to learn about the lives of the enslaved people in the Hopkins household, their lives after their liberation, and his views on abolition.

After the liberation, the camp’s former prisoners hunted down their torturers with any weapons they could find, and American soldiers rarely tried to restrain them.

There’s this idea that we’re not ready for our own liberation, and I just reject that idea.

Here, the event that sparks liberation is Moses’ witnessing of the oppression of the Israelites.

I leave Italy with a less sanguine hope of her speedy liberation than I brought into it.

Violent people had been pressing around John, and the cause of spiritual liberation had suffered.

But the very circumstances that facilitated the settling of the Spanish colonies were also likely to accelerate their liberation.

To remove a tyrant is an act of liberation, the giving of life and opportunity to an oppressed people.

"For the liberation of the king," originally levied during the captivity of King Ferdinand.