Freeing [noun]

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Before I could make a beginning at freeing my hands a noose fell over my head and clutched at my throat.

The lifeboats were fitted with Murray's disengaging gear, with arrangements for simultaneously freeing both ends if required.

Piedmont lay crushed by one staggering blow, 129 and the hope of freeing Lombardy had gone.

To intimidate them, Dunmore issued proclamations, and threatened freeing the slaves against their masters.

The talk of freeing slaves was but talk; slaves were lucrative investments; a man would be a fool to free them.

“I am tired of being followed, Senhor,” he said disgustedly, freeing his elbow.

Yet any one in that day who advanced the idea of freeing the slaves was held in abhorrence.

The same letter stipulated for the better protection of the Protestants by freeing them from domiciliary visits, etc.

We find him using the formulas of bourgeois biology to ridicule Henry George and his plea for the freeing of the land.

Deals with money, the part it plays in the restriction of industry, and may play in the freeing of industry.