Clearing [noun]

Definition of Clearing:

gap in area

Synonyms of Clearing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clearing:

Sentence/Example of Clearing:

It therefore took under favorable consideration the question of a voluntary clearing system.

I met him striding toward the building that seemed to be a clearing house for the official contingent.

Be that as it may, the Railway Clearing House, as a practical entity, came into being in 1842.

Sam,” said Mr. Pickwick, clearing his throat, “your father and I have been having some conversation about you.

Crucifixes and shrines surrounded the clearing like the sentries of a beleaguering army.

Then, when he least expected it, the trees fell away abruptly on both sides, and he stood on the edge of the village clearing.

Every turn in the road, every clearing of the forest, he knew, and each in turn brought forgotten associations to life.

They do not have to plow or dig, or perform any other cultivation than that of clearing the land where they are to plant.

The Dick was apprized by us of the danger in time, and succeeded in clearing the land by tacking to the southward.

I pointed through the woods to a bit of clearing made by a charcoal burner.