Extrication [noun]

Definition of Extrication:

remedy, aid; relaxation

Opposite/Antonyms of Extrication:

Sentence/Example of Extrication:

“I decided to extricate myself,” said Howard, over fear of rising Covid rates.

She is a prisoner in a gloomy cell of stone and iron, from which there is no possible extrication.

They were therefore in a dilemma, from which there was no middle course of extrication.

Here, in the extremest perturbation, she saw the full extent of her difficulties, without perceiving any means of extrication.

The opposing streams of traffic would merge in a tangle beyond extrication until a halt enabled each to go its way.

This is one of the simplest of these methods of extrication.

It falls down readily in water, into a fine powder, with extrication of air bubbles, and forms a non-plastic paste.

He said no more, but with great extrication worked his oracular sixpence up through a rattle of obstructions.

This moment you must determine—I know not, indeed, if it be not too late even now for your extrication.

What price would be too high to pay for the extrication of his daughter from so grievous a misfortune?