Lightening [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lightening:

It was as if some spirit that had breathed on him, sustaining him, lightening his incipient heaviness, had been removed.

Michael sighed under a faint lightening of his load, and Stella came up to him engagingly to slip her arm into his.

He pointed with shaking fingers away toward the east, where a faint gleam of daylight was lightening the sky.

May God forbid, that after all these years of darkness you should play me false now when the dawn is already lightening the sky.

A soft grey twilight rested upon the sea; darker and blacker the waters seemed just then by contrast with the lightening skies.

He put him up to all the little tricks of the native customers, and showed him innumerable dodges for lightening his own labour.

Lotus led the first round, with Sea Maiden a close second, but the wind gradually lightening, Lotus increased her lead.

With this vast lightening of spirit came, not only gratitude, but a sense of lenity toward Governor Abbott.

"The assurance is as dew upon the drooping lotus," said Kwo Kam, with a lightening countenance.

Those (p. 800) on board busied themselves throwing overboard all things movable, with the intention of lightening the vessel.