Irradiate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Irradiate:

Suddenly his whole heart seemed to irradiate light and color and music and sweet smelling things.

Thus will the perfections of the Deity for ever blaze in the flames of perdition, and irradiate the temple of glory!

The shadows of the morning having disappeared, the brightness of eternal noon will irradiate our existence.

Then a carefully veiled kindliness of heart seemed to bubble to the surface and irradiate his face.

Deeper than tears, these irradiate the tophets with their glad heavens.

A Human Chaos in which there is no light, you vainly attempt to irradiate by light shed on it: order never can arise there.

And more and more as the light increases among men will all that was good and great in him shine forth to irradiate their path.

It is love--love through grace of God--truth where we can find it--which shall irradiate the life that is.

It is this darkest point of human experience that God has chosen to irradiate with His absorbing glory.

She had the Norman blue eyes and a fair complexion, which the white wrappings about her face seemed to heighten and irradiate.