Intensity [noun]

Definition of Intensity:

passion, force

Opposite/Antonyms of Intensity:

Sentence/Example of Intensity:

It’s controlled with a simple power switch, and it offers two brew time options for custom coffee intensity.

Either way, if you multiply duration by intensity for each day’s session, you get a measure of “training impulse” that carries a lot more information than mileage alone.

What made this one significant and unusual was its intensity and scale — and, Czarnetzki notes, the fact that it took even researchers by surprise.

The hind leg ST36, on the other hand, is a total champion at culling inflammation, but only if you zap it with a lighter intensity.

These voters developed a new intensity of engagement with politics in the first national presidential election when the major party candidates took clear and differing positions on the issue of LGBTQ rights.

Quick fluctuations in the intensity of light falling on plants — from changes in the amount of shade, for example — also make the input noisy.

When the scientist puppeteers slowly reduced light intensity, the mice also seemed to lose interest in licking the water spout, suggesting they no longer “smelled” the artificial scent.

On a cold morning this winter, Rogulja leaned over a tablet in her office, her close-cropped dark hair framing a face of elfin intensity, and flicked through figures to explain some of her conclusions.

Its intensity, too, can drop as some of the light is absorbed.

In a perfect world — or at least in Marcas Bamman’s world — a physician would have a lot of good data on exactly what forms of exercise, at what intensity and duration, would be most useful.