Depth [noun]

Definition of Depth:

distance down or across

Synonyms of Depth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depth:

Sentence/Example of Depth:

You can also use it to layer different sketches on tracing paper to create the physical illusion of depth, and even use it to mock up fabric patterns.

Last season, between injuries and poor performance, Washington shuffled its depth chart at least four times.

While Google does provide a top-level view of search performance it does not nearly do so in the depth that is needed for agencies to be able to properly explain performance to their clients, particularly as it relates to competitor activity.

Spangelo is referring to the depth of the need for monitoring across the industries Swarm serves.

San Diego is starting to get serious about the depth and severity of its stormwater deficit, as Andy Keatts reported Monday.

The new results would seem to suggest those deposits slowly moved underground into very shallow depths that might be easy to drill into.

The center’s preliminary report indicated the depth of the slide, which was 250 feet wide, was 2½ feet and broke free at 9,800 feet.

The depths of these ongoing struggles shouldn’t cloud the rosy longer-term view.

Both Chara and Sprong have two goals this season, and the Capitals’ depth continues to be an asset.

The result is a blend of fact and fiction that adds depth and texture to our understanding of what America was like during the Civil Rights Movement.