Lowness [noun]

Definition of Lowness:

offensive behavior

Synonyms of Lowness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lowness:


Sentence/Example of Lowness:

And then, that a thought should knock me prone, and make me cringe—from the mere fact of its lowness and meanness!

We very soon came up with her, and found her almost stranded, in consequence of the lowness of the tide.

Those only can feel depressed who would find excuses for the lowness of their pursuits.

But I am sure sickness, lowness, and oppression, are much more so.

Their discontent was generally attributed to the abuses of the Poor Law, and to the lowness of their wages.

I've that kind of sinking feeling, and a general lowness—She says I lunch too heavily—but I swear it's more than that!

How natural it is ever to experience a reaction of depression and lowness after the first burst of unexpected joy!

But the hiss of the falling rain and the lowness of their tones prevented their words from being heard.

There are two reasons for the lowness of interest in any country.

Moreover, whenever there is pain, with exhaustion and lowness, then Dr. Champagne should be had up.