Sordidness [noun]

Definition of Sordidness:

trouble, disaster

Synonyms of Sordidness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sordidness:

Sentence/Example of Sordidness:

I shall show that the sordidness of the struggle has not unfitted me to use the victory.

When I deplored the sordidness of the world she laughed, and called me "poor fellow!"

Do I imply that they are free from sordidness and commercialism?

Vicious women have few vices, and sordidness is not usually one of them.

It did not lead him to hide, it only led him to account for, his father's sordidness.

Knowing nothing of the day's work, how could she conceive its sordidness?

But I had no desire to ponder over the sordidness of my surroundings.

He had been, as he said, often in the crypt at Carstone; and well he knew the sordidness of the chamber of death.

The record I have to make is one of sordidness, levity, and interest.

The sordidness and terrible despair of it make one's heart ache.