Mountain [noun]

Definition of Mountain:

very large hill

Synonyms of Mountain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mountain:

Sentence/Example of Mountain:

He wants to know what mysteries this mountain hides from his eyes.

"You're going to get away from the mountain desert and go straight," said Allister.

The lower parts of the mountain were covered with the nut-pine.

At Nicolosi their rest was disturbed by the distant booming of the mountain.

His own life was as littered with hard deeds as the side of a mountain with boulders.

The mountain in the sunset had stopped the five couriers in a conversation.

That mountain wall, impracticable as it seems, we have to scale.

They went swiftly with their eyes on the ground by the north gate to the mountain.

Next thing they'll be asking about mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

"Been rolling that to the top of the mountain," he said lightly.