Bluff [adjective]

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The bluff has happened so many times and it still hasn’t been banned that I now don’t think it’s going to happen.

The house is balanced on a granite bluff, looking out to sea.

Blakeslee was inspired by publications of an archaeologist who excavated at the same bluff site more than 60 years ago and suspected it had been a central part of Etzanoa.

Hike the two-mile Headland Trail to the top of a bluff overlooking the Zuni Mountains and the volcanic craters of El Malpais National Monument.

In a recent test of bluffing in poker, computer face recognition failed miserably.

“Mr. Pickwick, I thank you most heartily for all your kindness to my son,” said old Mr. Winkle, in a bluff straightforward way.

At the offer of a smaller sum the Count would possibly bluff.

There is also a conspicuous high bluff on the principal island, which appears to have been seen by the French.

By and by, a straggling birch bluff rose blackly across their way, but nobody swung wide.

It is situated in a wonderfully picturesque position, on a rocky bluff overlooking the River Wye.