Mound [noun]

Definition of Mound:

heap, hill

Synonyms of Mound:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mound:

Sentence/Example of Mound:

But when this mound was built there were towns here, busy and crowded.

It did not need Mali-ya-bwana's whispered "faru" (rhinoceros) to identify the mound.

The first mound that I encountered belonged to a goblin who was splashing in his tub.

To cover the dead with a mound of earth was a custom common to all nations.

Over every height, every mound, one might be lying—a trap for my destruction.

Mary stepped down from the mound, and held out her hand to Henry.

Then he had other towers built along the mound, so as to have as many guard-posts as possible.

And there ahead lie the great uplands, with marsh and mound and gleaming tarns.

Hurry on a hundred yards and take your position on that mound!

The graft is tied with raffia, after which it is all but covered with a mound of soil.