Tumulus [noun]

Definition of Tumulus:

heap, hill

Synonyms of Tumulus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tumulus:

Sentence/Example of Tumulus:

The earliest tomb was the tumulus or mound of earth, heaped over the dead.

The tumulus may be considered as the most simple and the most ancient form of sepulture.

The Celtic dolmen and cromlech, the Etruscan tumulus, the Hebrew galgal, are words.

There are, of course, various modifications of this tumulus.

At this place was a vast Indian mount or tumulus, with a great terrace.

The tumulus or “Soros” was excavated by M. Stais in 1891 and 1892.

The urn which contained the ashes was then placed in another part of the tumulus.

Lastly, at the base of the tumulus, there was a tomb belonging to the Stone Age.

Mr. Beamont says the tumulus is situated on the Golbourne brook.

It is a tumulus in which brick and stone take the place of earth.