Hillock [noun]

Definition of Hillock:

small hill

Synonyms of Hillock:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hillock:

Sentence/Example of Hillock:

A sheet of rain came drifting across the lake toward the hillock on which the house stood.

Three miles to the south of the hillock on Cape Villaret, are two lumps, which at a distance appeared like rocks.

They saw the Spaniard climb a hillock; just at the curve he gave one sweep of the hand—was gone.

It is a town of above three hundred houses, built round the base of a sandy hillock, the church being on the hill.

"There lies a ravine with a sweet spring, beyond the next hillock," said Musa, who never forgot a road once travelled.

So she stood on the hillock facing the north-west, thinking these things and regretting in vain.

Edward at first could see nothing, but eventually he made out the horns of an animal just rising above a hillock.

In the deepening twilight I descended the hillock, stepping cautiously among the rocks.

To get the flavor of the breakfast out of my mouth I walked up to my favorite hillock and sat down for a smoke.

Some time elapsed before they reached the hillock, and still the three Boers moved slowly and unsuspectingly across our view.