Ridge [noun]

Definition of Ridge:

raised part of solid

Synonyms of Ridge:

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Sentence/Example of Ridge:

Aylward, Johnston, let your men form a harrow on either side of the ridge.

We have plenty of room here, and you will have one comfortable night on the Ridge, at any rate.

I passed you in my buggy when you were coming in with your tent that day on the Ridge.

To advance further, it was necessary to dislodge the enemy from the ridge.

Besides, they can rake us with bullets from ambush, while we're climbing up the ridge.

Along its back, was a ridge of horns, like spines, and higher than an alligator's.

The site of the school house was near Kingsbury's, on the ridge road.

From my perch I could see the sullen heavy walls of a ridge.

At a certain spot on the ridge of the Horn, Francis stopped.

It had become a matter of seconds before the man would clear the ridge.