Plica [noun]

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It might be stricken with dry-rot, elephantiasis and plica polonica for ought I care.

Plica polonica, which is endemic in Russia, is almost cosmopolitan.

In German the plica polonica is called Alpzopf, or hobgoblin's tail.

Hair matted or clotted, either from neglect or from the disease known as the Plica Polonica.

And perhaps the very essence of the Plica Polonica may be the hairs growing hollow, and of an unnatural constitution.

The different names given to the plica indicate more or less the ideas that prevail regarding its nature.

Other historians assert that the plica originated in the East; such is the opinion of Stabel, Spreugel, and other writers.

It continued sick for a considerable time, and, on its convalescence the plica broke out in its entire coat.

At the same time he wrote a treatise on Plica Polonica, which was highly commended.

Cleanliness will cure the plica; wisdom alone can extirpate schism.