Flexure [noun]

Definition of Flexure:

revolution, curving

Synonyms of Flexure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flexure:

Sentence/Example of Flexure:

Then the rivets were cut out similarly at the other point of contrary flexure and the joint opened.

In the siphon recorder script dots and dashes are represented by curves of opposite flexure.

I may here observe, that sometimes in the sexes a difference is also to be found in the direction or flexure of their antenn.

Beyond the mid-brain is placed the fore-brain, whose growth is rapidly rendering the cranial flexure imperceptible.

Great changes have been effected in the head, resulting in a diminution of the cranial flexure.

The heart is now much more conspicuous than before, and its commencing flexure is very apparent.

The growth of the front part of the head has considerably diminished the prominence of the cranial flexure.

The gradual growth of this fresh flexure can be studied in the longitudinal sections which have been represented.

During stage L an apparent rectification of the cranial flexure commences, and is completed by stage Q.

For Claparde the prime cause of the change of flexure is the translation dorsalwards of the limbs.