Trend [noun]

Definition of Trend:

flow, current

Synonyms of Trend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trend:


Sentence/Example of Trend:

His life has been that of his century—progressive, liberal, humanitarian in its trend.

Which is, I suppose, the trend we are following, even if we follow it unconsciously.

The man checked the trend of his thoughts by a mighty effort of will.

Quite egotistically she attributed to herself the trend of his friendship.

John Porter viewed this trend with no little trepidation of feeling.

The present trend of scientific thought is toward the theory of ions.

Nor, from her expression, would it have been possible to have guessed the trend of her thoughts.

The trend of the current of your life is beyond your grasp, beyond your comprehension.

Then the trend of his thoughts being changed, he smiled wearily.

And behind it all there is this: Are we satisfied with the trend of our modern civilisation?