Orientation [noun]

Definition of Orientation:

introduction, adjustment

Synonyms of Orientation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orientation:

Sentence/Example of Orientation:

It can be used to induce any orientation desired in the mind of the enemy.

But the orientation of the stars behind them had been familiar.

He could see many of its faults, but he didn't have the orientation to see all of them.

Finally, satisfied with the ship's orientation, the autopilot rested.

Orientation conditioned by individual organization, 48;Personal, 270.

Deeper grew the deadening of his ears, and orientation was lost.

Orientation was lost; only logic and intellect told him where he was and which way he was going.

The consciousness changes its object and orientation, not its nature.

Slowly, imperceptibly, the orientation of the planet has changed.

And complete it is, with regard to its general synthesis and orientation.