Location [noun]

Definition of Location:

place of residence or activity

Synonyms of Location:

Opposite/Antonyms of Location:


Sentence/Example of Location:

Your town or county might even have special drop-off locations for ballots that require no postage.

More than a third of outbreaks during the pandemic’s first five months stemmed from locations in four ZIP codes.

However, if they click over to the Shopping tab they’ll typically see a “nearby” filter that will only display retailer locations with in-store inventory.

During in-person absentee voting, voters can request, complete and submit a ballot all at once at a designated location, such as a county clerk’s office.

Some perfect locations were within state park borders where my scientific collecting permit wasn’t valid.

Recent reports concerning USPS mail slowdowns highlight the importance of enabling voters to track the location of their ballot at every step of the process.

Since taking over last year, Deirdre O’Brien has pushed Apple retail online amid the Covid-19 pandemic and navigated opening and shutting locations on an ad hoc basis.

I think if you look at it really in the bottom line, it’s impossible to keep people locked in one location over a seven-month period.

The company has taken steps to limit the size and duration of outages, including putting wires underground in some locations.

He decided to go to one of his own company’s locations because he was curious to see how the process played out from a patient’s point of view.