Tendency [noun]

Definition of Tendency:

inclination to think or do in a certain way

Synonyms of Tendency:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tendency:

Sentence/Example of Tendency:

I freely say that the tendency of my thought, based on observation, is to conservatism.

This tendency is in every one of us; but in some of us more than in others.

That Hester had a tendency to high church had little or nothing to do with the matter.

He was sorry to see this tendency to aristocracy on the part of members.

Now the tendency in France seems to be to go back to the monoplane.

Obscurity of station or of birth has no tendency to prelude the favour of God.

Among the desperate there is almost invariably a tendency to mirth.

"The tendency is to a greater tolerance of the notion," I said.

The sentences that precede that quoted by Sir Martin are Greek in tendency.

Everything that exists is a force, either action or tendency to action.