Valley [noun]

Definition of Valley:

hollow in the land

Synonyms of Valley:

Opposite/Antonyms of Valley:


Sentence/Example of Valley:

Looking around him, he at length, from the edge of the valley, descried Robert.

There was not enough food in the valley for both the old inhabitants and the newcomers.

The battle was disastrous for the Egyptians and the valley of the Nile was open to the invaders.

In an instant he was in his saddle and spurring down the valley.

Nothing was left her in the valley but the shadow, and the last weapon, All-prayer.

By the time we wind down into the valley of the Lot night has overtaken us.

One hoary tower only is seen, half hidden by the folds of a valley.

Women who married went down into the valley of death for their children.

She would go through the valley of the shadow, as other women did; but K. would be with her.

To sit on that high post-wagon, and drive down into the valley!