Volcano [noun]

Definition of Volcano:

very large hill

Synonyms of Volcano:

Opposite/Antonyms of Volcano:

Sentence/Example of Volcano:

Had some thief stolen them and hidden here, only to be caught by the volcano?

A shower of red-hot stones warned him that he was near the volcano.

The witness started as though a volcano had burst at her feet.

As before, the valley yawned like the living threat of a volcano in eruption.

The volcano's top had been stripped clean by the winds of countless years.

That runs straight for a mile, but there's a field gun at the bottom of the volcano.

We are like travellers using the cinders of a volcano to roast their eggs.

Love and hate, though they may burn and glow like a volcano, are not prodigal of words.

Who would have believed that the old dried-up mummy had such a volcano in his brain?

Beyond the volcano Jim could see what looked like an expanse of ocean.