Emotion [noun]

Definition of Emotion:

mental state

Opposite/Antonyms of Emotion:

Sentence/Example of Emotion:

In movies like Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, Memento, and more, he’s been toying with that concept, finding emotion and feeling in the emotionless fabric of the universe.

The stories that tend to go viral on Facebook are those that stoke emotion and divisiveness, critics argue.

Rivers and LeBron James had passionately described the emotions the NBA community felt after seeing the video of Blake’s shooting.

People living in small, relatively isolated communities, such as Himba farmers and herders in southern Africa, often rank facial emotions differently than Westerners do if asked to describe on their own what a facial expression shows, Roberson says.

When we see an emotion on the face of another, we feel it ourselves.

Two excellent recent movies do an amazing job at capturing the raw emotions of those turbulent times.

For this reason, emotion can sometimes carry an entire piece of content because it taps into our common humanity.

It was able to reliably spot expressions of joy, fear, pain and other basic emotions.

We learn how to compose our face so as not to show emotion in the wrong places, like crying at work.

The brain also tags these memories by the emotions associated with them.