Affect [verb]

Definition of Affect:

influence, affect emotionally

Synonyms of Affect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affect:

Sentence/Example of Affect:

Defects on this chromosome are more likely to affect men, who have only one copy, while women have two.

With this information we can continue to develop powerful new models with better accuracy for determining how different habitat factors, such as the number of milkweed stems or nectaring flowers on a landscape scale, affect the monarch population.

We are part of an international study to understand how women who are expecting to or have given birth are affected by stress related to the pandemic.

For example, it recently implemented a clothing closet, where people could donate items to assist families affected by the pandemic.

If it’s not affecting me physically or emotionally, I can’t get angry and I won’t be scared.

However the Chapter 11 filing will only affect the company’s 14 company-owned locations, not its franchises or international locations which make up the majority of its locations.

Georgia’s ongoing dispute has rippled out, affecting other providers statewide.

If you’ve been running the same two or three routes all summer, take some time to develop new routes for fall, especially if your favorite routes are now more crowded—or more affected by the changing weather.

Our list is the latest sign that the financial services industry now recognizes gender diversity as a strategic issue that affects business outcomes.

More than 550 workers were affected in Houston and an additional 485 in South Florida.