Impress [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Impress:

We have to remember that his daily life, where the home is orderly, helps to impress on him regularity of form.

Ramona herself bore no impress of sorrow; rather her face had now an added radiance.

He took both her hands between his as he spoke; not so much, it seemed in affection, as to impress solemnity upon her.

This glow of feeling and exhilaration gave a new impress of sweetness and fascination to her beauty.

Almost all the variety of the landscape is due to this impress of water action which has operated on the surface in past ages.

The point I want to impress upon your mind is that there's an element within you, called self, that you must learn to control.

The way in which they worked together was not edifying, nor calculated to impress the natives with a sense of dignity and power.

The father did not impress her as being the man to hold up her fainting head or ease her bruised heart.

She rose then, and I stood too, still holding her hand that I had seized in my own to impress her with my sincerity.

The need of a holiday amid the bricks and mortar of Victoria Street may have impressed Arbuthnot, but it did not impress me.