Excite [verb]

Definition of Excite:

inspire; upset

Synonyms of Excite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excite:

Sentence/Example of Excite:

Selin is at first excited by math when she has the idea that it’s a language of pure signs, where there is no space at all between signifier and signified because they’re the same thing.

Parents want their children to be excited and inspired, not bullied or devalued.

There’s always a chance developers have a bias towards a technology that they’re comfortable with, or excited to be using.

For my own work, I’m excited at the prospect of concentrating more on the artistic vision and execution and less on triangle counts.

The green stripes are caused when a downpour of electrons excites oxygen atoms.

In such spots, there would be more oxygen for cascading electrons to excite into glowing green.

When Jeanmarie Perrone of Penn saw the Yale study, she was impressed, and excited.

When he came out on the stage the applause was tremendous, and enough in itself to excite and electrify one.

But the observation he thoughtlessly uttered in French seemed to excite the peasant's attention.

If a merry dance is produced by the agile bow, its sympathetic tones at once excite a corresponding feeling.