Moderate [adjective]

Definition of Moderate:

calm, temperate

Sentence/Example of Moderate:

No doubt it was true, for she would have insisted on moderate cleanliness and comfort.

But this was moderate, as the Edgware "folly" reached £250,000.

What is the approximate temperature for: (a) a moderate oven?

But it kept ON moderating, and in a precious little while it was 'most too moderate.

The Sterling loved to be under water, even in moderate weather.

However, we have told her to moderate her zeal for our insulted authority.

Set it over a moderate fire, and do not let it boil too fast.

Hang it over a moderate fire that it may heat gradually all through.

Bake the paste in a moderate oven, but rather quick than slow.

Bake the pie in a moderate oven, about three quarters of an hour.